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case Study Family Care Specialists Medical Group, Inc

What it is Situations Makes Old Management Models

and the Risks And Negatives Effect?

Case Study

Family Care Specialists Medical Group, Inc.

On Saturday afternoon, January 9, 2010, Dr. Luis Samaniego, president of Family Care Specialists Medical Group, Inc. (FCS) contemplated his proposal to improve FCS doctor compensation system. On Monday, six doctors comprising the FCS Board will meet to discuss the achievements of the Group in 2009 and to pay attention to, several other issues, improvements to the compensation system.

The Group’s payment scheme has continued to be a topic of discussion this year. FCS has used two very different incentive plans over the past ten years and management has used a year to discuss possible revisions, but Dr. Samaniego remains concerned. He knew that no scheme could be perfect and whatever choices the Council made would involve sales. Dr. Samaniego knows that choice schemes have a real influence on doctors, groups, and, most importantly, their patients.


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