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 Marcus Lemonis is a successful businessman and as a result is now a multi-millionaire. He now stars in the reality show “The Profit”. Although this is a reality show, and undoubtedly the content is managed in a way to make an interesting TV show, it does present real life business situations. He specializes in going into businesses which are experiencing problems, normally buying a share of the business, and under his management, turning the business around. He has invested millions of dollars in such a way in many businesses. His philosophy is that a profitable business depends upon success in three areas: people, product and process.

REQUIRED: Choose any episodeof the show which first screened between 22 January 2018and 11 July 2018 and describe how he used concepts and principles contained in your textbook to turn the business around. If he eventually decided not to invest in that business, provide the same details of his analysis and recommendations for the business. PLEASE NOTE: You cannot choose “Fighting for Farrell’s” because this episode is a follow up on a previous episode.


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