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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Protecting Information Resources.

Instead, one should memorize one’s PIN to prevent an identity thief from determining it.

A third recommendation is analyzing one’s credit releases. To know about possible identity thefts, one should go through his or her credit reports regularly to view transactions, registrations, approvals, and any previous activity on one’s cards or accounts. Regular analysis hinders potential harm since one detects identity theft promptly.

Fourthly, shredding documents with one’s personal information or numbers is a critical and safe way of disposing it. A shredding machine is the simplest, relatively cheap, and best way to safeguard oneself from dumpster divers. One hinders identity thieves from getting personal information from one’s trash by shredding document such as preapproved cards, checks, bank declarations, and deposit slips.

Lastly, checking one’s mail early lowers exposure to mail theft. One can ask the post office to hold your mail when one has traveled for a given period. Also locking the mailbox prevents thieves from accessing mail with personal


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