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In accordance to the article, the policy became forced on countries to implement and furthermore emphasized by the use of eminent figures in the world, for instance, used Margaret Chan and WHO committee to popularize the policies. The Influenza pandemic might have been a worldwide scam to benefit rich pharmaceutical companies and individuals behind the formulated and implemented policies (Cohen & Carter, 2006). The way WHO implemented that policy was not the right way as it did not serve the purpose of a legitimate health policy which remains vital to increasing health outcomes in a given population. The reason behind the implementation of the policy entirely depended on a scheme to make serious money.

In conclusion, good health policies should be the ones formulated by a government that is aware of their health care and not an organization that does not understand what happens on the ground (Baum, 2008). In addition, the main goal of any decent health policy implemented remains in improving the health care of the people using


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