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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Rafaella Sartis Europe at Home.

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Furthermore, Sarti not only studied material objects from their “economic point of view, but also in their symbolic and cultural cointexts” (Schuurman). More truly, Sarti exhibited less interest in general economics, and more in the diversity of gender, religion and wealth instead of in explaining the formulation or dynamics of those differences. As a matter of fact, Schuurman stated that there was “no direct relationship between the choice of research area and the research questions asked of it,” when social history should have been more about the “choice of theme or social group” and not about the “choice of region.”

the three functions of a household, namely, reproduction, consumption, and production, with much emphasis on consumption. However, she paid no attention to the production sphere although she has included this as one of the functions. And even with the consumption sphere, Sarti unfairly left out the objects that played a large role in the diversity which she centrally addressed, those related to tea and coffee.


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