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Write a 1 page essay on The Evolution of Groups.

The next stage arrives when the members of the group start to discuss their purpose of being together. Different members of the group may have their own purpose on mind. so this phase works to filter out those whose purpose differ from the majority of people in the group. Then comes the stage of choosing a leader. as a group cannot be directed in any direction if there is no leader to take command of the group. This is followed by the phase in which the group members increase their level of cooperation due to increased trust. This cooperation helps to achieve the common goals of the group. The final phase arrives when the members of the group work in a synergistic way to form a team to back-up each other and result in total success (Jones & George, 1998).

The writer has very skillfully simplified the complex concept of formation of groups. It appears that the author has been studying the phenomenon very closely and in detail, since his interpretation is very practical and after reading his contribution one clearly feels that this has been going on in their life too. during formation of


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