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Compose a 250 words essay on Why having a large vocabulary is good. Needs to be plagiarism free!

A bewildering vocabulary entraps aghast and paranoid occupants of the society and provides them with a most comfortable place to live. The elegant and charismatic words, help in evading disputes. Proper use of vocabulary helps people in integrating their dispersed thoughts in an efficient way. Moreover,

to properly utilize the liberty of thoughts and expression a person needs to have a large vocabulary. Having a large vocabulary stops people from lament over the lack of words to explain their thoughts. An efficient use of vocabulary ensembles the ideas and produces a long-lasting effect on people. Hence, the beauty of words is the most powerful weapon against the prejudices, disputes, arguments and literary wars that exist today. Having a large vocabulary for the cause of sharing ideas, sympathizing people, literary expressionism and a tool to fight against the vices of society is a great success of an individual. Hence, large vocabulary not only helps in good academic outcomes but also affect the social order and perceptions of people if used


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