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Sarah is in the seventh grade. She has an intellectual disability. Her academic skills are at the second grade level. She has significant speech delays. People who do not regularly interact with her have a difficult time understanding her. When Sarah is not able to communicate with others, she gets very frustrated and angry. This can lead to her becoming physically aggressive. 

nclusion, Resource, and Self-Contained

Summarize the placement option and discuss why it would or would not work for the student in the case study.

  1. What type of related services would the student require and why?
  2. What type of technology could be used to support the student within assessment, planning, and delivery?
  3. What type of collaboration model would be appropriate for the student’s teachers to use and why?


  1. What type of classroom setting would be most appropriate for the student and why?
  2. Choose two of the CEC standards and discuss how they are applicable to the placement option you chose.

Reference a minimum of three scholarly articles within your writing.


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