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Write 2 page essay on the topic The dissapointment by behn’s.

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The writer had approached the 17th century contemporary literary as well as socio-political aspects that were predominant in the restoration world of art and literature. Behn’s treatment of the 17th century discourse of sexuality and morality In the poem Behn took up the topic of the battle of the sexes that was one of the most prevalent topics in restoration literature. Her poem began with the typical act of the male pursuing the female in the game of love. She apparently glorified masculine strength over feminine coyness as the power that initiated the act of love. By describing Lysander as one who made sexual advances to a lady because he was “By an impatient passion swayed” (I.1), Behn not only pointed out the vain male ego but the crudity of the situation. As a contrast to Lysander’s rakish character Behn created Cloris as the conventional figure of ‘virgin innocence’ who was apparently trying to ward off his charms. But her resistance to Lysander’s approaches as she “Permits his force, yet gently strove” (II.14) indicated Cloris’ indulgence.


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