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1 Re-examining the techxperts1

Turn your attention back to Dick Smith Holdings Limited’s (“Dick Smith“) recast financial statements from last week’s Workshop.

1.1 Complete a common size statement of profit or loss for Dick Smith with all line items shown as a percentage of sales. You should present your common size statement in the format of the recast statement of profit or loss as shown in the Week 5 lecture example and/or the Textbook, Ch. 4. (Hint: leverage the recast statement of profit or loss from last week’s Workshop in your answer.)

1 You are expected to come to class with a range of ideas for discussion. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers for this exercise and therefore no model answer guide. You are encouraged to fully participate and generate ideas with your peers and tutor.

1.2 Calculate the given financial ratios for the financial years ending 28 June 2015 in the table provided following the modified Du Pont method as illustrated in the lecture and Textbook. Where appropriate, you should use balance sheet averages in your ratio calculations.



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