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Doing Business in Other Cultures Research Assignment

Choose a country that is unfamiliar to you. 

Research the culture by using the “Details to Consider” from Table 3.1, Doing Business in Other Cultures, on p. 81 of the text.

Write a 2-page summary (not including title page and reference page) explaining what a U.S. manager would need to know about rules of social behavior to communicate effectively and conduct business successfully in that country. Be sure to consider the role of electronic communication.  Write according to Earning A’s

o   Write in the third person (Student160451)

o   Do not write with “that or which” as they are unneeded pronouns

o   Do not use contractions such as didn’t instead spell out  did not

o   Do not use same words over and over, learn to use a thesaurus, so words are not repetitive.   Make sure one uses the right words when writing

o   Write in the active voice not passive voice

Include a minimum of two resources in addition to your textbook. 

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. 


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