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Most southern clergy endorsed relationships based on dominance and submission: True or False

After 1822, free blacks were legally required to leave slave states: True or False

Joseph Smith set himself up as the first patriarch of the Mormon Church: True or False

Northern plain folk believed that all events were willed or allowed by God: True or False

There was a heavy emphasis on __ in southern society

a. religion

b. political affiliation

c. gender

d. wealth

e. family

After 1830, there was a concerted effort by whites towards slaves to

a. Christianize them

b. Eliminate black churches

c. Argue blacks had no souls

d. Prevent them from hearing sermons about freedom

e. Disregard their spirituality

The political party that emerged in the 1830s to oppose Andrew Jackson was the __ Party

a. Socialist

b. Federalist

c. Know-nothing

d. Whig

e. Republican

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