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In the case where the two couples made a purchase of an oven from King of oven where they indicated to Steve that they wanted to purchase two reliable ovens that would make croissants.After Steve noticed that the couples could not apparently speak English,and they were not experienced in the business in running the oven as well Bruno health condition.Steve saw this an opportunity to sell the two oven that were faulty for $3,000 each to both Maria and Bruno and not mentioning that they were faulty.Maria and Bruno purchased the oven,and signed a twenty page document that indicated their acknowledgment that the bought oven may working or not working in order.The faultiness of the oven translated that they could not make meet the market demand as it could not produce the demanded croissants.The couple lost their market demand from $700,000 to $200,000 as the customers could only access the bakery after the road construction has ceased its construction.

Advise if King of Ovens may be liable for breaches of the Australian Consumer Law 2010 (Cth).  

could you use ILAC method to explain the question with relevant law examples


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