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2 TOPIC You will be required to develop an opening, management, and financing plan for an entrepreneurial firm. The firm you choose can be at any stage of development: startup, early stage, growth, mature, etc. At the heart of any new venture is an idea for a product or service, and the belief that it is achievable. To begin this project, students need to determine their area of interest from which to do a viable business. A good business plan is essential to leading entrepreneurs to a strong strategy and successful execution of a business endeavor!!! The plan should be a cohesive, well-written document that analyzes and presents sections such as the following: 1. Executive Summary 2. Management and Organization 3. Product or Service Plan 4. Marketing Plan 5. Operating and Control Systems 6. Growth Plan 7. Financial Plan 8. Supporting Documents/Appendices You may find and use Business Plan templates found on the Web. The following are very good online resources: http:// , and also http:// . Within these two sites, investigate http:// , and http:// Support your work with citations, including at least three sources from outside of the text used for this course.


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