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I need to Write up a 3 Column Cash Book of the Transactions below in excel: Nov 1 Bal brought forward :Cash at Bank : $ 95,000Nov 2 Received Cash loan of $28 ,000 from Partners .Nov 3 Bought goods of $159,000Nov 4 Bought Motor Van paying by check $2,600Nov 5 Cash Withdrawn from the bank $27,000Nov 7 Paid Wages in Cash $18,000Nov 8 Cash Drawings $14,000Nov 10 Cash Sales paid directly into the bank $30,000Nov 12 We paid the following Accounts by Check less 10% discount in each case:Marshal : $3,000Linda : $1,800Theresa : $2000Nov 13 The following paid us thier Accounts by Check in each case deducting 2.5% DiscountJerry : $1180Martins :$550Nov 15 Received a futher Loan of $3,500Nov 16 We paid Brandy his account of $700 by CheckNov 18 Cash Sales $9,000Nov 21 Paid Rent in Cash $1,900Nov 23 Received Commission By Check $9,500Nov 25 The following persons paid us thier Accounts by check in each Case Deducting 5% Discount :Uson $800 ; David : $6,599Nov 26 We paid the following Accounts paid by check in each case deducting 2% DiscountJoseph : $4000 , Tiola : 1,900Nov 28 Paid Insurance :$9,900Nov 29 Linda Paid Us a Check for $ 2,500 Having Deducted 600 for cash Discount.


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