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Healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are not easy to preserve or prepare and this is likely to significantly increase the cost of meals. a factor that the plan does not account for. The healthy food might also be unpopular prompting students to bring in packed food and making the program a failure (Power,

Bindler, Goetz & Daratha, 2010)

It is true that a universal healthcare system “will provide health care coverage for all” but the repercussions of switching the healthcare system to a non-profit one are far-reaching. The most immediate effect will be the dwindling of profits in the healthcare industry and this is in contravention to the wider goals of the federal government and Federal Reserve to boost the economy. This fact presents a big hurdle in changing the current healthcare system (American College of Physicians, 2012).

American College of Physicians. (2012). Achieving a high-performance health care system with universal access: What the United States can learn from other countries. Retrieved on 6/9/2012 from


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