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  1. Selling agents refer to agents who

A.furnish the racks or shelves that display merchandise in retail stores, perform all channel functions, and sell on consignment to retailers.

B. represent a single producer and are responsible for the entire marketing function of that producer. for several producers and carry noncompetitive, complementary merchandise in an exclusive territory.

D. take title to merchandise but sell only to buyers who call on them, pay cash for merchandise, and furnish their own transportation for the merchandise.

E. sell primarily large bulky products.

  1. All of the following are reasons why direct mail and catalog retailing are attractive EXCEPT:

A. they can create customer value by providing a fast and convenient means of making a purchase.

B. they can serve as a tool to encourage consumers to visit a website, a social media page, or even a store.

C.their paper costs and postal rates have declined, making them less expensive to send.

D. they can eliminate the cost of a store and clerks.

E. they can improve marketing efficiency through segmentation and t


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