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Go back to the spreadsheet you completed in Lesson 2, make a copy and add to the spreadsheet as follows:

The problem posed here, taken from experiences in textbook sales, is typical of how salespeople in all industries are expected to allocate their time to their accounts. Now, you have returned to your home/office with instructions to finish the itinerary for your territory for the coming year.

NOTE: This is a two part assignment. Part 1 will be worth 14 points and Part 2 will be worth 26 points – adding up to a total of 40 points for the lesson activity.

Part 1:

  1. Download the Territory Analysis and Call Plan
  2. On the far right of your existing spreadsheet from lesson 2, add a column to your spreadsheet and title it “Days Allocated”. Use the 2015 Sales Goals, calculated in lesson 2, to determine how many of the 180 days in a typical school year you should spend at each account. This is the Days Allocated. Round off to whole days. To check your work, the total Days Allocated for all accounts should add up to 180.
  3. Submit your days allocated to the Lesson 15 Days Allocated Quiz following this assignment.


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