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These blacks had put their blind trust in the hands of the medical practitioners, doctors and medical professionals, besides the United Stated Government. However, they were meted out with discriminatory practices. The victims were used as ‘study cases’ and were experimented upon, depriving them of proper medical care.

From the 1930s to the 1970s, the United Stated Public Health Service used about six hundred of the syphilis affected blacks as ‘case studies’ to conduct experiments. They did not make use of the already discovered wonder drug, penicillin and carried on with their insensitive experimentation. This leads to the death of nearly two hundred victims, which the doctors hide under the garb of lack of treatment.

Alfre Woodard plays the young nurse, Eunice Evers who works for Dr. Brodus, played by Joe Morton. The two, in combination with a white doctor, played by Craig Sheffer are appointed to open a treatment centre for the blacks with syphilis.


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