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Compose a 250 words essay on Homeless. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Homeless population experiences enormous challenges in both access and care relative to utilization of health care.

Paraphrasing and citing is an exciting experience, but one that is characterized by a number of challenges. One of the critical challenges is trying to merge the author’s point of view with personal understanding of the text.

The paraphrase must be consistent with the information that the author is trying to relay. Another challenge is expressing what is understood from the text without losing the intended meaning of presented theories and concepts. The articulation of these aspects and subsequently citing them constitutes the highlighted challenges.

To overcome the above challenges, it is important that one reads and understands the text before paraphrasing and citing the text. Doing so will ensure that the most critical points are captured and cited appropriately. Taking some time to view text reviews and use of text information in other sources can effectively aid and enhance the paraphrasing and citing experience. Consequently, the underlying challenges are


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