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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Looking for logical fallacies by both genders.

on’s wife plots to murder him on the fallacy of equivocation because she believes it will enable their adulterous affair with Aesgisthus to succeed and also own the family wealth. The decision to capture Cassandra, the daughter of the defeated Trojan king by Agamemnon is another manifestation of the appeal to tradition when family members suffered because of their parent’s evil during war.

The above fallacies, therefore, have deeper meanings in critically examining the play. Clytemnestra murderous plot, for instance, demonstrates the wickedness that women commit when restrain lacks in society because of flimsy reasons such as the sacrifice of one’s daughter. Contrastingly, the logical fallacy in Agamemnon’s capture of Cassandra reveals the theme of women’s subjugation during conflicts such as wars and tragedies (Aeschylus 14). These scenarios make them vulnerable to the whims of evil men such as Agamemnon who faces revenge from his own household. It equally exposes the breakdown of families when resolving conflicts especially where differences range from jealousy to


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