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In the interim, I discover the expression “Slave” being hash to use in this case thus since, the term is utilized to allude to individuals instead of mechanical and gadgets since a robot is true sense is a machine equipped for doing a complex arrangement of movements consequently. When taking into account the aspect of slavery,

we find that being a complex machine devide, it is manufactured and unveiled accordingly in respect to standardization on how much work the machine can handle. Keep in mind that a machine is anything that makes work easier and so Robots are independent machine that has been customized to do something and henceforth the issue of having rights is invalid. Moreover, a robot being a machine gadget is controlled by people, which implies without the presence of individuals, a robot cannot execute any work at all.

More so, I don’t feel absolutely quilt while using a robot machine since I know total workload depends on what commands I have initiated towards the machine. I can decide and initiate few commands, more or none and the output produced by this robot is dependent to my


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