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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Drug Information Resources in Pharmacy Practice.

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The prescription is then scanned and entered into the computer system followed by entering the prescription and the date. Through this can be achieved as it provides the capacity for the auditor to trace back for references on when the prescriptions was entered, and picked up. Such procedure is then followed by encoding the medication and the milligram determined by the doctor along with the details of the patient’s weight. Then you enter the quantity and ask the patient for their preference on whether they prefer proof caps on there medication or a standard cap. Determine if the patient wants to wait or come back by asking, in some conditions the patient wants to wait because of the urgency and the nature of their situation. Finally, and the most important thing to verify is to see if the insurance which the patient presented covers said provision and if it is refilled to soon. The pharmacist then prints the prescription and labels them with information such as location of the pharmacy, name of the patient and corresponding dosage.


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