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Answer the following three (3) questions (25 points each). Submit your Microsoft Word (.DOCX) file for this assignment. A title page, reference page, APA citations, and APA format are required.

Short Answer (minimum of 300 words for each answer):

(1) What if you were a parent and your child was involved in gang activity? What would you do to stop him or her from participating in the gang and help him/her get out? What if you were a school administrator with limited funding and a huge gang problem? What would you do to combat this problem? What type of intervention would you use? 

(2)  Imagine you are a qualitative academic researcher and have been given the opportunity to research a gang ethnographically. Considering the danger of this, how would you go about doing so? How would you be able to get the research information needed, while simultaneously being able to maintain your personal safety?

(3) What if you were a community organizer tasked with unifying the gangs in your community for the purpose of a gang cease fire? How would you go about bringing groups with divergent goals together and helping them act collectively towards a common goal


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