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“We need an arsenal of functional facilities, and we are working over this now,” – The Guardian UK quotes Minister of the Armed Forces. The Minister stressed that the cyber-weapon will not replace traditional weapons, but he considers this type of weapon as an integral part of the armament of the country. Harvey said that the authorities are aware about all the fears associated with the using of such weapons. One of the main questions: when and who will make a decision about a possible counterattack on any object. Harvey said that the decision about cyber-weapon using will be made by the same rules that exist for conventional weapons. “Cyberspace – a relatively new territory, but the rules, norms, and logic that are used in decision-making in other areas, are applied here,” – the minister said. “I do not think that the existence of a new field – cyberspace – will force us to act more aggressively than in any other space. Legislative arrangements, under which we operate, are time-tested,” – he added. What kind of cyber – weapon is developed under this program, it remains a state secret.


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