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Write 5 page essay on the topic Han Empire (Ancient China).

Mesopotamia Empire existed in southwest Asia. The empire is a fertile green land and occasional rainfall attracted growth of many plants. Due to the rich plants, many animals also found suitable habitat in the region. People who lived around the empire were consequently hunters and gatherers of animals and plants respectively. The empire also received supply of fresh water from Euphrates and Tigris rivers that sustained animals and plants during dry spells. The empire also depended on the rivers for its irrigation. Ancient Mesopotamia Empire also referred to cradle of civilization or Fertile Crescent. Nubian people broke away from the rule of Egyptians to establish their own independent kingdom in 1000 BC. The kingdom was located around southern part of Egypt in a region that later came to be known as Nubia. In the eighth century, the kingdom became so powerful that it conquered Egypt. Due to Assyrians invasion, the Kushites moved up to around Meroe city. They were the first people to use practically iron after learning iron working. Powerful nomadic people weakened the empire later over its own territory.


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