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Using the Annual Report of Tesco available at the following link:

https:// )Explains the term ‘stakeholder’ and identifies three types of stakeholder of


b) Analyses how the Environmental and Social Review and the Corporate

Governance Report help Tesco demonstrate its performance in terms of its

corporate and social responsibilities to two of the stakeholders identified in a)


2) Analyses and evaluates the financial position of Benedict Co. using a range of

financial ratios to meet the requirements of potential customers, investors, lenders

and suppliers. Your analysis should:

a) Explain the purpose and relevance of the chosen ratios.

b) Include the results for each chosen ratio and reasons for the movement

between the two years.

c) Highlight any aspects of the performance of Benedict Co. which would give

cause for concern.

d) Critically evaluate the application of financial ratios in interpreting and measuring

the performance of a company.

All calculations should be shown in full as an appendix to the report.

Please put me through on how to go about this


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