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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Operations Management and the Operations Manager.

The operations manager is also responsible for the layout of the manufacturing plant and its structure, planning for the project management methods as well as the selection of the right equipment as well as replacement. The operations manager is also responsible for all the operational services such as scheduling and control of production, management of inventory, control and inspection of quality, traffic and handling if materials, as well as formulating and enforcing the implementation of equipment maintenance policies.

An operations manager also is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the smooth operations of various processes that add up to the production of various goods and services of an organization. This individual typically has a lot of responsibilities as he does a bit of just everything. In a bit just to summarize the responsibilities of an operational manager, it is worth stating that he is responsible for logistics management, budget management, operational strategizing, manage support services as well as managing third party relations (Opsman,


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