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Write 10 page essay on the topic History of Art and Technology.

This can be seen in how human beings absorb information from the systems of education that have ever existed and from the mass media from past to present. The ideas they learn may have come from the concrete practice of man’s ordinary or extraordinary pursuits, thus coming from life itself. However,

there is art in the manner that the lessons are imparted to the audience or to the learner. The artists behind this are the writers, the songwriters, the film makers, the educators, and everyone else who work as mediums of every idea or mere observation. Therefore, while life imitates art, art can never be absolutely detached from life. This is because its inspiration is material. Even the strangest art works are based in the material. What makes these odd though in the senses of some is the fact that the artist has the freedom to express his interpretation of the material.

Many of Vincent Van Gogh’s works of art, for example, were considered by his fellow artists and art critics of his time as eccentric and out of touch with reality. However, it was only much later that his works were appreciated.


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