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Which statement is true about evaluation research?

a.It’s appropriate whenever some social intervention occurs

b.It’s the process of determining whether a social intervention has produced the desired results

c.The topics appropriate are limitless

d.All the above.

e.None of the above


The classical experiment is the most conventional type of experiment. It includes three major pairs of components. Which of the following is not one of them?

a.Experimental and control groups

b.Independent and dependent variables

c.Sampling and Statistics

d.pretesting and posttesting


Professor Riley performed an experiment in which neither the subjects nor the experimenter knew who got the stimulus. This is an example of which type of experiment?

a.Pretest-posttest design

b.Static-group comparison

c.One-shot case study

d.Double-blind experimente.Classical design


_________________ is the examination of societies over time and in comparison with one another.

a.Informed research

b.Frequent research

c.Historical research

d.Timed research


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