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I have attached the completed Mystery Shopping Questionnaire. 

1.  Download the Mystery Shopping Questionnaire (Word document) and go mystery shop your chosen establishment. Remember that you are utilizing a manager’s or entrepreneur’s point of view and you are preparing to present a business report that your VP or CEO will likely see.

Utilizing the information gathered in the questionnaire, create 

2.   a one (1) pagereport in APA format with recommendations for improvement and/or recognition; whatever is applicable to the different areas of your assessment of the business. 

3.   a PowerPointPresentation with a minimum of 5 slides, summarizing your findings.  

It is essential that you use business terms, correct grammar and proof read your presentation and paper for errors. Check resources on how to create a good business PowerPointpresentation – remember you are a business professional. 

  1. the completed questionnaire 
  2. one (1) pagereport
  3. PowerPointpresentation   

All three (3) itemsmust be uploaded in order to receive full credit.


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