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Watch one of the following movies:

1. Rachel Getting Married

2. 28 days

3. When a Man Loves a Woman

Write a 4 pages paper discussing your analysis and observation of the family in the movie. Apply what you have learned in this course so far,as well as in your previous MFT courses. 

Address the following topics in your paper. 

·  What assessment questions would you ask this family in order to determine the severity of the problem? Include questions that relate to the topics of environment, the family system and individual development, as outlined in Ch. 5 of The Alcoholic Family in Recovery.

· What is your conceptualization of the problem? Provide a systemic summary of what is happening with this family system, including specific data from the movie case study to backup your conceptualization. 

· Discuss the family’s recovery stage, including behavioral evidence for your assessment of their stage. Include information about how you ruled out other stages. 

· Discuss your recommendation for therapy. What are the primary tasks for therapy in order for this family to move into ongoing recovery?

Follow APA format- 4 pages. 


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