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Multiple choice questions.

THE NEXT QUESTIONS ARE BASED ON THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: Suppose you roll a pair of dice. Let A be the event that you observe an even number. Let B be the event that you observe a number greater than seven 4} What is the intersection of events A and B?A} [:5 a, 9, 10, 11, 12} B} [3, 10, 12] |C} [2, 4, IE, 5, ID, 12] D} [2, 3, 1L 5, 6, T, 3, 9, ll], ll, 12] 5} A random variable which takes on no more than a countable number of values is called a[n]:A} outcome. B} discrete random variable.C} continuous random variable. D} statistic. 6} Let the random variable Z follow a standard normal distribution, and let :1 be a possible value of Z that is unknown but identi?able by position and area. Find 31 if the area to the right of 31 is 0.3413.A} 11-11 B} 1.0:] C} 0.0:] D} -1_m 7} The average score of all students who took a EEPPLEPJEEE’Ee?e?Eeee last semester has a meanof TI] and a standard deviation of 1|]. Suppose 36 students who are taking the class thissemester g selected at random. Find the probabc’llit}r that the average score of the 36 studentsexceeds Tl. A} [3.1228 B} DD??? C} 0.1??2. D} [1.0228 4) _ 5)— 6) _ 1r)—


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