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1) Baskets vs.

There are multiple types of tactics that terrorist groups have used. A group’s objectives and organizational capabilities dictate which tactics it uses. However, “Baskets” (deploying bombs in baskets and “bombers” (suicide bombers) are both could be considered as “weapons of weakness”. For instance, FNL people were poorly armed and lacking in training. Following his arrest, the FLN chief in Algeria was quoted as follows «I had my bombs planted in the city because I didn’t have the aircraft to transport them”. Hoffman, 2006). Moreover, the Battle of Algiers movie emphasized the role and usage of women in the resistance, because it was them who carried the bombs in their baskets to the places. Bombings are less risky and generally require less organizational capabilities. Terrorists have become increasingly attracted to suicide attacks because of their unique tactical advantages such as devastatingly , a greater likelihood of success and inexpensiveness. In comparison with “baskets,” these attacks are also less complicated and compromising the other operations, since is needed». Hoffman, 2006).


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