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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Strategic thinking skills.

While studying and working with a team, I am able to asses my skills and focus on how I learn. Using my own self assessment, I can decide which way of learning works best for me. Using the best learning skills helps to become more dependent and use my individual skills to benefit the business and the team. These learned skills can also be applied to everyday life scenarios and assist in positive decision making.

Each skill requires a specific motive. Some have different motives then others. One of my biggest motives is to become a grade A, or exemplary student. Becoming a grade A student is important and a huge motivator. In order to receive high marks, it is necessary to study, form independence and practice critical thinking skills that are necessary to achieve academic goals.

There is much to take from this learning experience. I can use my new critical thinking skills that I have developed toward my future employment. Careers at times require that one learns new skills to better themselves. Using Self Assessment skills can help to take the time to evaluate my performance and make changes if


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