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You are the network administration for the small network in Figure 2. It consists of your headquarters location with a LAN with 60 hosts, remote office R1 with 10 hosts, and remote office R2 with 30 hosts. You have been assigned the address space From this space you will need to create the subnets for each of the sites on your network and the two WAN links. Once you find the subnets assign addresses to the Routers interfaces and PCs using the following guidelines: Assign the first address from LAN subnets to the router interface connected to that LAN. Assign the second IP address in the LAN subnet to the PC on the LAN. Assign the first Address from WAN subnets to the HQ router end of the WAN link and the second address to the remote router interface. Use the steps below to help you work through it.Create the subnets:Address space: it out in binary form identifying the host and network then use the space below in table as a scratch pad to help you in subnetting as needed. Remember to be efficient you usually want to start by creating the largest subnet you need first and then continue subnetting to find the smaller subnets in succession.


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