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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Reading reflection.

According to McLean, ethics and morality is a key ingredient of not only article editing but also the acquisition of information for the same (182). These critical aspects serve to establish and maintain not only the reputation of an individual journalist but also his /her employer. Persuasion of these modalities establishes a strong sense of trust from the audience to the reporter. Newspaper articles readers are aspiring to reading news from credible sources. those made by individual journalists or stations that practice and or embrace workplace ethical codes of conduct.

The justification of the conclusion so made draws from the rationale of establishing a strong ethical perspective in journalism work. It is beyond reasonable doubt that any story that is aired live or written as a newspaper article should exhibit high levels of accuracy in factual data. journalist should not merely write stories. Besides, precision is critical for any piece of report. it means directly pinpointing the issue under discussion. Journalists must also establish a balance between justifiable and unjustifiable stories before


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