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This was just a sign of things to come. Expect more from us in the future because new talent gets discovered on a regular basis in our department. Coming to the teaching awards, Mr. Angel Garralda and Ms. Ming Cheung are both accomplished educators with a similar ‘learning is a continuous, two-way process’, view. They have a refreshingly new approach to teaching, ‘a pro-active role for the student in the learning process.’ The awards will only add responsibility and enhance their already popular teaching methods. These are given ONLY to people who have made outstanding contributions in their respective teaching disciplines over a period of time. The awards are a proof of the teaching efficiency levels at the EN department. As more and more students from all over the world, show keen interest, to be a part of our culture, we’d expect the students to be ready for an environment that provides both fun and serious learning simultaneously. The range of courses offered by the department caters to all the needs across all walks of life. This is the most exciting part of this unique community.


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