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I need to learn how to solve problem b. I wrote the instructions that the professor gave and the answer as well. In spite of that, I am unable to get to the result. Thanks

JwvCHOOSE and complete ONE of the two problems below. You must you show your work toreceive maximum credit. PLEASE NOTE: If you complshown will be graded unless otherwise indicated. (12 points)mplete more than one part, only the firstSuppose that the price p (in dollars) and the weekly sales x (in thousands ofcertain commodity satisfy the demand equation Sp + 2x+ xp = 8ds of units) of a$0.20 per week?- 80 . Determine the rate atb)which sales are changing at a time when x = 10, p = 4 , and the price is rising at the rate ofA factory’s weekly production costs y and its weekly productionthe equation y- – 4y x are related byaction quantity rard- 4x = 225, where y iy is in thousands of dollars and x is in thouin thousands of unitsof output. Find the rate at which the weekly production costslaostslare changing when y = 25,x= 10, and the production level is rising at the rateof 250 units per week?ay.(dy-250dy =-Br /drdy = 4x (250o+ = 40CostSSodica ty? – 4 04. 22314090003 34 – BX dc20FP Ppage 7dyeats an wingy at &cdx


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