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You are an American colonist, and you have just begun the practice of writing a diary. For your first entry, discuss the following in three pages

  • The year is 1783. You are writing about the past ten years and describing the War of Independence, which has just ended. What are the most significant changes you have witnessed and how have they affected Americans or particular groups of Americans (consider marginalized groups in particular, such as women, religious minorities, slaves, etc.)? What (from the perspective of 1783) do you think will happen in the next few years?

The perspective that you write from is fictional but based on facts learned from the readings and your own research. Assume that your character has the ability to read and write.

Your submission should contain a short abstract that explains what you are going to argue and whose perspective you are describing. Not counting abstract, citations, and a list of references, your submission should be two to three pages . While this is to be written in the form of a diary, this class assignment requires citations/footnotes and a reference list of sources used (including internet sources) in 


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