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In Research it is important to be able to locate information, articles, and research activities and be able to review and interpret findings.1. Write the definition of a structure named employee that contains character array members for an employee’s first and last names, an int member for the employee’s age, a char member that would contain ‘M’ or ‘F’ for the employee’s gender and a double member for the employee’s hourly rate:.

Complete for each of the three studies below.

1. Bello, I.S., F.A. Arogundade, A.A. Sanusi, I.T. Ezeoma, E.A. Abioye-Kuteyi, and A. Akinsola. 2007. Knowledge and utilization of information technology among healthcare professionals and students in Ile-Ife, Nigeria: A case study of a university teaching hospital. Journal of Medical Internet Research 6(4) 2. Hook, S.A. 2005, July. You’ve got mail: Hospital postcards as a reflection of healthcare in the early twentieth century. Journal of the Medical Library Association 93(3): 386-393. Available at Pub Med Central 3. Keselman, A., T. Tse, J. Crowell, A. Browne, N. Long, and Q. Zeng. 2007. Assessing consumer health vocabulary familiarity: An exploratory study. Journal of Medical Internet Research 9(1); 


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