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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Bethoven and Joseph Haydn’s relationship.

Their relationship is said to have become sour and started to decline due to Haydn’s insistence that Beethoven mentions him as his student in one of his composition. Beethoven had a temper and was impatient and this only added to declining their relationship even further than it already was. The success of Haydn’s musical career became a source of envy for Beethoven.

All in all, Haydn taught Beethoven very greatly and he contributed greatly to the success of Beethoven’s musical career despite their constant fall out. His constant absence also taught Beethoven to be independent and be confident of his own compositions based on the lessons he had and was receiving from Haydn.

In spite of the sour relationship between the student and the tutor, they maintained a cordial relationship and Beethoven also kept in touch with his tutor way after he had stopped becoming his student and it continued that way till Haydn passed away. Haydn also admired his student’s determination and success and was proud of what he had achieved under the numerous tutors including him (Schindler and MacArdle,


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