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                                                                   (Crisis Intervention) 

                                          Self-Awareness Reflection Paper Overview

In a 2-page paper, summarize in detail the answers to these questions. Remember to use APA 6th Edition format. You are not expected to need citations; however, if you do reference someone or an article make sure you cite it.

Think about Crisis, ways to handle a crisis, and ask yourself:

How you handle intense situations?

How do you discharge intense situations?

What types of situations worry you the most as a budding counselor?

How can you begin addressing these fears while in training?

The paper will be submitted into

Again your paper must answer the following in detail to receive full credit for the assignment:

Discussed   in detail how you handle intense situations

Discussed   in detail how do you discharge intense situations

Identified   the types of situations that worry you the most as a budding counselor

Discussed   how can you begin addressing these fears while in training


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