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Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic With the increase danger of physical disability, College football players should be paid to play.

University of South Carolina football coach, Steve Spurrier, says that NCAA should make changes in their policy and should pay college football players “a $300 stipend every game” (qtd. in Rizk). This speech of Spurrier’s has given rise to a dilemma as to what levels of physical risks are there in football game that demand a stipend for the players. In this argumentative essay, Spurrier’s demand should be supported while highlighting both aspects of the debate. One argument that supports this proposal is that when college football players will be paid to play, they will receive extra motivation that would make them play even better. When they will receive extra money that they can give to their parents, use it for travel and for going out with friends, and spend it on study materials, they will get more enthusiastic about the game. This is called compensating the players or offering them positive reinforcement. This has more to do with their psychology because money is the most important need of the day and nobody can deny its importance.


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