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Why we should not support Zoos

Nowadays there are a lot of animals raised in the zoo. They do not need to find foods or fight against their predators.But Were they really happy? Last time, we went to the zoo, we found that the animals kept in the cages would always walking in a same circle pattern. It’s not their nature behaviors. They were doing this because of boring, and the constrained exercise space. This would make them lose their nature ability very easily. They were forced to get used to the environment in the cage. This would make them became easily sad or depressed, we can also see behaviors like this from prisoners.

Also, some zoo just treated animals like some way to get more money, they would sell and purchase them to other places. During the process, animals living environment are very hard to control. They would be scared easily. Furthermore, it’s hard for people to make a very similar nature life conditions in such a small cage. If the zoo keeper did not spend a lot of attention on the process of raising them, it’s very easy for them to die.I think we should support wild zoo instead of zoo like a cage.

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