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.  A standardized test that assesses verbal abilities (scores range from 1-45) in the overall population in the U.S. has a mean of 25 and a variance of 2.7.  This test was administered to early stage Alzheimer’s patients to determine if the standard test of verbal abilities could be used to detect symptoms of Alzheimer’s earlier than the current assessment tools.  150 Alzheimer’s patients in the earliest stage of Alzheimer’s were administered the standard verbal test to compare their scores to the general population.

What are the researcher’s independent and dependent variables?

 What are the null and alternative hypotheses (use the appropriate symbols not words)?



What is the appropriate test for the researcher to use?__________________

Why is that statistic appropriate?

If applicable to the specific test:

What are the test’s assumptions?

What are the test’s df?

What is the appropriate critical value?

If the research obtains a test statistic of ____ , would the researcher retain or reject H0?

Should the researcher do any follow up tests or make any graphs/charts?

Interpret the findings in APA style


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