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Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Stages of writing development.

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I developed my ideas in informal writing and class discussion and then through writing interpretive essays.These activities, I believe help to aim to develop the writing skills needed for success in college and in the world after college. The course also represented an introduction to the study of literature and through it, I believe that my writing has become more tailored. This class taught me to go beyond the simple formula of the five-paragraph essay.

Building on familiar principles (regarding thesis statements and topic sentences, for example), I was given opportunities to compose longer essays using a variety of organizational methods. As a result, I will not be intimidated by the longer assignments and I will employ all that I already know about composing essays for my writing in other subject areas. My papers in my other classes will be built on my experience in this one.

For four years, I will be asked to read, do research, gather data, analyze it, think about it, and then communicate it to others in a form in which enables them to asses it and use it.


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