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 Attached Files:

  •  HU240 Unit 3 Assignment Comparison Chart.docx (18.317 KB)

Compare and Contrast

At the end of unit 3, use the attached Comparison Chart to compile a table that compares and contrasts the foundational concepts and tenets of:

  1. Hinduism 
  2. Judaism 
  3. Christianity 
  4. Islam 
  5. Atheism 
  6. Buddhism 

Include in the comparison:

  1. the relationship to God(s)
  2. relationship to people 
  3. primary scriptures 
  4. primary rules of conduct
  5. at least 4 primary beliefs 

Using the analysis that you did for the comparison table, explain what you think about each of the different categories of religions.

  • How does the diversity of religious beliefs benefit all mankind on the planet?
  • How do people use the diversity of religious beliefs to cause conflicts between groups of people?
  • Why do you think that so many people ignore the similarities between the different religions and only focus on the ways that they are divided?

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.


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