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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses SAM 451 UNIT 2.

Pernetti who had earlier defended the coach, rooting for the coach’ rehabilitation accepted the dismissal and vowed to regain the trust of Rutgers community (The New YorkTimes).

There are several types of feature stories. These are. profile, explanatory piece, color story, human interest, news feature,

backgrounder, lifestyle feature, travel story, general feature, interview piece, investigative feature, column and review (Helitzer 162). The type of feature focused in the article is Human interest story. The article focuses on interactions between a professional, a coach, basketball team and the Rutgers community. Emotion created in the story is of remorse, derived from the way the coach relates with his team. The use of slur and humiliating approaches to team members who possess talent and vigor in the game is demoralizing. Information about the character of the coach, attitude developed by the team is revealed. An anonymous person takes the initiative of recording a video during the training sessions to reveal the vice. The whistle-blower creates a dramatic event that reveals Rice’s character without dispute that leads to his


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