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For this assignment, you will be developing a usability test questionnaire and your plan for soliciting users to represent different user groups to participate in the tourist user interface usability test. Areas that you will need to include in the usability test questionnaire are:

  1. Title, reason for questionnaire, and instructions for filling out the questionnaire while they are performing the usability test.
  2. Section 1: User demographic information
  3. Section 2: Usability questions (refer to the following links for examples of usability questionnaires that are also referenced in your textbook.) You should have 10–20 questions which are your own original questions:
    1. Use the Web resource titled “IBM Computer Usability Satisfaction Questionnaires: Psychometric Evaluation and Instructions for Use” CSUQ Developed by IBM – in Appendix Table 1.
    2. Use the Web resource titled “System Usability Scale (SUS)” developed by John Brooke.
  4. Section 3: Application function specific questions (5–10 questions)
  5. Section 4: Comment section for tester to give additional feedback

APA with citations , attachment gives history of project


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